Scripture: Genesis 17:1-8

Abram was ninety-nine – Our scripture passage for today begins with a seemingly mundane detail. Yet, as we read on we hear the promises that God makes to Abram and we realize that his age is definitely contributing factor to how these promises would be fulfilled. If these promises were to come true, it would be a miracle. Far-fetched doesn’t even begin to describe the things God tells Abram.

Now, if we read on in the story we find that time and time again these promises were thought of as impossible. When Abram tells his wife, Sarai that she will become pregnant, she laughs. When they doubt God’s promises and try to go about things in their own way and have a child by Sarai’s maidservant, well a whole mess of stuff happens. The story of how God makes a nation of Abram (later known as Abraham) is complete with twists and turns. It was no easy road for them, but then I suppose it’s no easy road for any of us. But in the end, we see that God does what he said he would do. He makes a great nation of Abram’s descendants.

This story has been told for ages. As families and villages gathered around a fire during a festival this story was told again and again. As believers gathered in the temple thise story was read from the Torah. The story of Abraham and Sarah – the miracle patriarch and matriarch of the nation of Israel is certainly miraculous. It is also quite epic –  the story of Abraham and his great journey to the land of Canaan. It has been passed down through the generations. The psalmist wrote about the promises God made. The prophets remind the people about God’s great love for them as evidenced by the covenants of old. And even Jesus and disciples tell the story. It’s a great story isn’t it? The way God fortified his people, guiding them, loving them and saving them.

We christians, of course, are grafted into Abraham’s family tree by the wood of the cross. We are a part of that promise. Jesus made a way were there was no way, he brought us into the family, adopted and loved. Knowing that, that we are descendants of the covenant, we too are entrusted in telling the story of God’s great love for us. We too, are called to gather round as families of Christ and tell the amazing story of how the nation of God came to be. As part of the family we belong to one another. Our sisters and brothers in christ matter, whether they live here in our community or half way around the world. The family of God matters and they need us to continue to tell the story. How are you telling the story?

In Your Prayer Time: single-prayer-candle

Spend some time praying for the family of God around the world. How is God still bringing new faces into the family? How is God still loving his children? How is the spirit of God still inspiring the spirit of adoption?

Gratitude: Spend some time thanking God for the way that he made for you through Jesus Christ.