Scripture: Matthew 26:14-27:66

Holy Week begins with the joy of Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It ends with the despair of Holy Saturday. Jesus’ lifeless body is placed in a tomb after his death on the cross. His friends scatter. His family is devastated. All hope seems lost. 

This week spend some time reading through the passion story of Jesus. Live for a while in the despair, feeling it’s weight and gravity. You know, so often we speed from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and we miss the events in between. We miss so much when we go from joy to joy. Instead we, as followers of Jesus, need to live in the “in between”. It’s not always comfortable there, but I believe that it is in the “in between” that we meet Christ. It is there in the middle of defeat that we begin to hope for the victory of the cross. 

As Bob Goff, author of Love Does puts it: “Darkness fell. His friends scattered. All hope seemed lost. But heaven just started counting to three. ” that’s the “in between” – the counting to three that makes Holy Week so imperative. So this year, spend some time soaking in the “in between” so that on Easter the Resurrection will be even more real, even more astounding!