Scripture: Luke 24:13-49


Our scripture for today takes place on a road to a town called Emmaus. It is after the resurrection and Jesus meets 2 of his followers there on the road. They don’t immediately recognize them. But as they walk, Jesus begins to teach them about the scriptures. Still they don’t recognize their teacher. It is only when Jesus breaks bread with them that the followers recognize who he is. It is only when he shares a meal with them and breaks the bread that they realize who they’ve been spending their time with.


For me, the story of the road to Emmaus is special. It reminds me of my time on the Emmaus weekend retreat several years ago. I’ve shared the story of the how I encountered God’s great love on that weekend retreat in the past. Yet this story also reminds me how often we miss Jesus in our midst. I often say that I met Jesus (really experienced him) for the first time on the Emmaus retreat. I was 24 when I attended. It took me 24 years to meet Jesus. Now I was one of the youngest women at the retreat. For some of the other ladies, they had waited 45, 65, even 70 years to really meet and experience Jesus. Which begs the question, have you really met Jesus? Would you recognize him if you did?

So often we move through our faith lives, going through the motions, and never truly experiencing conversion. This is especially true in our country where, many of us have been raised in the faith from the time of our birth. When it feels like we’ve been believers from birth, we can struggle with pinpointing the moment when we truly met Jesus. It may take a retreat experience, a tragic experience, or even a great joy for us to really know that God is with us, and Jesus walks beside us in life. We may feel like we’ve always known Jesus, or we may feel like we’ve never really known him.

So today, if you are struggling with pinpointing the time when you truly met and experienced Jesus – let’s talk! Drop me a line in the comments, send me an email,  or send a note through the prayer request page. I’d love to introduce you to the Emmaus retreat weekend, or discuss ways of growing deeper in your faith.